A Guidebook Of Cat Breed
Pictures and Personality Profiles

Here is a guide of cat breed pictures to help you identify what breed your current cat may resemble. If you are searching for your next cat experience, you may wish to browse for a look and feel of cat you like. Aside from personality, it is amazing how different each breed is in coat, eyes, ears, and head.

cat breed pictures man loves catScientists don't know if a human is genetically predisposed to loving cats or if its learned behavior.    

We do know that even if you are inclined towards loving felines, there is yet more behavioral conditioning after you are joined in loving hiss, I mean bliss.

If there is a hint of potential cat lover in you, then you are likely to find your first cat experience fascinating. On the other hand, many people are not capable of forming a relationship with a cat. It may be some subconscious conditioning, or something uncomfortable about being in the presence of cats.    

If this is the case, the usual outcome of this human and cat relationship is not happy. It would be better for the human to refrain from cat adoption, perhaps any animal altogether. Perhaps human relationships too.   

If you've adopted a cat, but live in an apartment or home where they are forbidden, its best you look for a more suitable residence. More and more multi-family residences are catering to pet owners, and especially cat lovers. Perhaps because cats tend to be less destructive (generally speaking).     

If you are a spouse who is an animal lover, but found yourself silently tolerating the union of cat and your family, you soon will be among those who admit they couldn't imagine life without a cat.

For some, a cat is a welcome substitute for children, for others, they daydream about having more cats and zeroCat and dog picture together forever human replicas.


With its playfulness and adoring gaze, cats help a single person in any age group overcome loneliness and isolation.



A cat can express its selfless love with unimaginable tenderness. It is in this way, that a cat becomes an understanding companion to some people.    

For others, the cat is a 'King' or 'Queen' of the household. The human seeks to understand their cat's every wish so their cat would never regret being in thiscat breed pictures everything for cats relationship.

Everything for the children -- the furry ones of course!

These cat breed pictures include photos submitted by cat photographers, cat breeders, cat rescue people, cat fans, and cat owners.  


Explore Cat Breed Pictures and Profiles:



These cat breed pictures include photos submitted by cat photographers, cat breeders, cat rescue people, cat fans, and cat owners.

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