Burglar - like a thief in the night

by Rob M
(Cape Town, SA)



Burglar1 Burglar2 Skinky (left) & Skanky Ancient Burglar

Well, you know how it goes. We moved house with our two much loved female tortoiseshells, always much loved & pampered and after a couple of weeks noticed that we were going through a truly extraordinary amount of cat food!

In fact nearly double the usual amount. So I determined to ascertain the cause. One night, I lay in wait until 4am. The only detectable sounds were the complete silence interspersed with the sound of extremely rapid feline eating. When I went to investigate, all I could see was a patch of darkness vanishing through the window and less cat food. if you look at the pix, you can see he's essentially invisible @ night.

Eventually he decided to make friends & +- 12 months and 70kg of cat food later, he's now very healthy and has nearly trebled in weight.

Many thanks.

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