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May 24, 2011
Food & shelter with a bit of love
by: Kate

Isn't it wonderful how little these guys ask for in return for a lifetime of love. I pity the people that abandon their animals. I inherited most of my kitties, left behind after the owner moved.

Thank you all for sharing this part of your lives.


May 24, 2011
Burglar - like a thief in the night
by: Rob M

Hi Marlene .

He was extremely timid for about 12 months. Now he's the opposite !! :-)

May 23, 2011
Now Healthy Cat Burgler
by: Marlene Despres

Hello Cat Lovers!! After reading your story about
the "Cat Burgler" I can certainly relate to your
story. I sensed a hungry homeless cat was visiting
my patio after he first appeared on the patio chair
then seeing the silhouette shadow moving across my
bedroom window on the cat walk ledge in the wee hours of the night. So I decided to put some food
out daily. He was timid & unsure of me so I would
be on kitty watch to view him to see for sure if it
was him. Sure enough it was, now with the regular
feedings, and he eats A now healthier &
affectionate than ever. Is this big dark kitty
friendly to you now?? He sure must have looked
mysterious at first.
Marlene Despres

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