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British Shorthair Cat Behavior, Facts and Health Care Problems

From: Coolest Kate, Coolest Cat Care Editor
Re:  The British Shorthair cat is a great friend, but may need special attention in one area.

Upon first glance, the girth and features of a British
Shorthair may give the impression that they are a slothful, laid back breed. On the contrary, as descendants of British farm cats, this breed is a highly skilled and a mighty hunter.

Darling British Shorthair Kitten in Basket

History - Created in the nineteenth century, the British
Shorthair became a very popular cat to own, that is until
the mid twentieth century, when other unique breeds began to emerge. Not wanting this beautiful, historical cat to become extinct, a couple of dedicated cat lover's worked perilously to ensure its survival. It wasn't until the late twentieth century, that these wonderful cats were introduced in the United States, where cat fanciers became enthralled with their unusual personality and size.

Appearance - Offering many different selections of color,
one color in particular was so in demand; it quickly became
the only color recognized by cat associations for many
years. British Blue was the name of the color of choice,
but after World War II, this distinct color of British
Shorthairs almost became nonexistent.

In order to preserve this gorgeous shade of blue, dedicated
cat lover's bred the remaining blue shorthairs with Blue
Persians. This created an increase in the gene pool and
literally saved the specific shade from utter elimination.
Additional colors from which to choose include orange eyed
or blue eyed white, red or silver tabby, tortoiseshell,
smoke, bi-colors, and point.

Unique features of British Shorthair are a circular shaped
head with broad cheeks and a tail that appears short and
thick. The British Shorthair, also known for its
stockiness, is a large specimen of cat weighing in at a
substantial nine to eighteen pounds.

British Shorthair Cat Behavior and Characteristics -
Referred to as the "four feet on the ground" cat, the
British Shorthair is not one for constant offerings of
affection. This breed behavior is highly content to go
about its day doing its own thing. So, if you're looking
for a cat that is affectionate and sociable and will curl
up in your lap for a lazy afternoon, the British Shorthair
is definitely not for you. This breed is truly happy when
the food bowl is filled and his activities are his to
control. No play time or cuddle time is required to keep
this self-contained cat happy.

Since this breed does not demand much of an owner's time,
it is the perfect addition to the family of someone who
doesn't have a lot of time to spend at home.

British Shorthair Cat Health Problems - With the British
Shorthair having so many ancestors contributing to the gene pool, this large breed is very healthy overall, with only one flaw that requires consideration.

The average blood type of a domestic cat is Type A Blood; however, the British Shorthair is known to possess the rare Type B Blood type. This problem can cause complications if surgery is ever required. It is important to have your Shorthair tested by a veterinarian and if the blood type is rare, have the veterinarian make a note of it in its records to avoid any complications that could arise in the future.

The grooming aspect of caring for your British Shorthair is
quite simple. With the texture of their coat being rough
and thick, a once a week combing should be sufficient to
remove loose hairs and particles of dirt.

If your short on time, but still want a cat, the
unassuming, self contained personality of a British
Shorthair is definitely worth looking in to. It's sure to
be a perfect fit.

Moses Wright is a cat lover and likes to help new cat
owners learn more about their cat breed. You can find more cat problems and list of cat breed information here:


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