by Mary
(Houston, Texas)

Bodacious left his original owner of 5 years because she got 2 other cats. He moved in with me and completely took over my house and my heart. I have been fulfilling his needs and wishes for 4 years now, with great pleasure! I don't know how I got so lucky for him to choose me, but I must have done something right.:)

He is extremely smart, strikingly gorgeous, exceptionally well-mannered and overflowing with personality. He is also hard-headed, adventurous, bold and bossy.
He likes me to sit out by the pool with him and walk around the neighborhood with him while he secures his area. When it gets dark he likes me to shine the flashlight in front of him as he walks through the bushes. He also likes me to push him around in a pet stroller. He rides around in it like he is King Bo! (And to me...he is!) You are probably thinking....spoiled! And you are probably right! But to me, he is worth it.

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