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Bobcat Fever aka Cytauxzoonosis

From: Coolest Kate
Coolest Cat Care Editor
Re:  Be aware of ticks and Bobcat Fever

I just read an article about ticks and their relationship to a sickness called 'bobcat fever.'   Apparently, the host is a wild bobcat and when a tick feeds on its blood, it becomes the carrier.  It then passes it onto its baby ticks which can eventually spread to you cat. 

Now not everyone lives in a rural community, but for those of us that do, I would recommend as least becoming familiar with the disorder.  Of course, the best idea is to provide a flea and tick protection for your best cat care. 

The formal name of the disease is cytauxzoonosis and it is fatal to around 9% of infected cats. 

Ronna Torgerson, who lives in Arkansas, was able to nurse her cat, Star, back to health by using a combination of herbs and monolauren. According to the article, about a dozen other cats whose owners used alternative treatments have survived cytauxzoonosis.   Monolauren is a natural fatty acid that comes from coconut oil. 

You can read the whole story at Darlene Norris' Cool Cat Care Stuff website (what a great name for a website!)  There is more information too at Project Helios.  Selena Parrish started Project Helios to track the occurances of bobcat fever.  She has lost four cats to the disease.  The website is named for one of them.  If you or somebody you know has a cat who has had cytauxzoonosis, regardless of the outcome, please email her at her website.  Thanks to Darlene for spreading the word.


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