Anything can be a Igloo for strays and feral's !!! CATS!!!!!

by Michell

My neighbor moved out and the house got taken back by the bank, he had several vehicles abandoned on property ( checked out by heck- I'm not sure, someone from realtors, several in fact.., back to the subject; as winter approached this is what I did. I quitely and when others were preparing to sit down for dinner ( my husband being a carpenter/ cabinetmaker and me a wood crafter) I'd take old removed cabinet doors; stored temp. for garbage and cover the perimiter of the vehicles which weren't seen by passers-by or more of an eyesore than the vehicles themselves; to give a somewhat dry space for the babies... I checked also to make sure all vehicles had emptied gas tanks. Slowly I put unbeknownest to neighbors or my husband straw on sheets of " press'n'seal plastic covered cardboard ( to insulate from cold concrete, and to keep straw dry/ also easy removal of wet straw, also filthy straw ( food sorces...dead pieces/ parts of their food sorces; afterbirth /illnesses ) it was all I could afford after losing our home and having to rent, with owner of the property not allowing any !!! pets inside our flat. The cost of pet food alone has made me think of a bigger picture than my beauty to other humans , I haven't been to a salon for 3 years. I make sure the ferals get use to human contact ( my voice loving and warnings/ and if I'm real lucky ,I am allowed to touch them from grown to caring for a dirty newborn ). Then as the snow fell and I covered all sorroundind perimeters of all vehicles with the doors and sucured them with falled bricks for wind stabilty; and covered with snow drifts ( to block the winds and maintain a warmer temp. from body heat also letting some air for cooling a tiny bit. then I carved out with a plastic kids beach shovel tunnels for them to enter ,leave and escape tunnels/ proudly to say 3 queens plus at least total 13 kits also 2 toms survived over the winter blizzard of10 below temp.; saddly however 2 queens hit by cars/ and all tom by stray/feral dogs gone ,following Spring and very sad for me and some neighbors , we still talk of that time; it's made us more determined to save as many as possible. Also ,I made shoveled snow tunnel paths for the cats to poop away from shelters high enough so no dogs or people could see them/ great cardio,husband still amazed at that...since I've never shoveled snow in my life . I am extremely proud to be called " The Crazy Catlady " Make sure it's a quiet day, so no ones out to see the path buldup or the igloo taking form ( then it all looks like snowdrifts.. I do as much as we can afford, considering the fact my husband is not a cat person, and he tolerates my indoor nuetered as a kitten female cat. i'm retired, so no matter how much I ask for help, besides food for outside babies ...he refuses to pay for the nuetering/spaying for the 4 queens, and littles females. I have gotten other neighbors to help ,only with a bit of the feeding. But it is a start. But I know me, because we have a problem of stray dogs ( various types vicious traveling with considered non-vicious varities as packs of 8 to 10. So constantly, I put my household in danger of eviction, and myself in harms way trying to protect the cats and kittens I've gotten a repore with. This neighborhood as are so many got into it's mind of the luxury of open yards ( i.e. no back or front yard fencing; so the dogs run, thrashing,tearing, and killing, the police are no good , because the dogs are smart and hide , and wait. For cat foods in winter to stretch what my budget can maintain I , ( cook brown rice with just water until mushy with the skin ,fat and some of the meat of poultry, a little unsalted butter , cut up pieces with scissors for bite size pieces sometimes a bit of canned water packed fish and mix in a 3 handfuls of dry catfood, and feed when 1/2 is soggy, along with roomtemp. with a bit of steamed water 2 to 3 times a day especially in winter and sit out waiting for them to finish up. And if you are a deep cat lover , invest in several maybe 4 small animal bottle feeders/ a maybe 6 to 10 containers of kitten milk substitute ( for emergencies/ I'm ready. Sometimes in the winter I make a soup of steamed fish,kitten milk and brown rice for those real bad days. I take all containers inside to be cleaned each night with soap and bleach/ and training them to eat/drink from individual bowls and plates. I know this recipe isn't very healthy , but it's healthier than rodents with dieases/ birds with the same / human garbage and lots of poisons infused into the standing water sources/ in the garbage of human toss aways, the the rodent poison control ?. It sounds excessive to some , but I think of cats in stages of growth and intellect as humans; infants,toddlers,sponges ,ugh...teenagers and adults ( dumb and smart/ caring,loving and mean,spiteful. After all... no matter what your beliefs, Animals were here before us, and since we took on the responsibility of taking them into our homes; like it or not ...we became their care givers. I just try to help people ( humans ) remember the beliefs we we taught as child in all faiths... Animals came before us ! Not a member of Peta !!!!!

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