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If you hang around the Abyssinian cat breed you will be convinced that these felines are descendants of squirrels, not an African wildcat. Owners of the Abyssinian cat say that living with an Abyssinian is like living with monkeys.

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The Abyssinian cat retains the jungle look of felis lybica, the African wildcat ancestor of all domestic cats. You might think they bear some resemblance to a mountain lion or a mini-cougar. Unlike their wild cousin, they are very sweet and affectionate animals that love to interact with their human families.

The Abyssinian cat breed has a graceful tail that is as long as the rest of its body. Although Abyssinians can have coats in several shades, including ruddy, red, blue and fawn, they all are tabbies with a ticked appearance. This means that each individual hair has four to six bands of dark and light color. 

This cat breed has a wedge shaped face with eyes that are green, amber, or hazel colored. Their long legs match their long, slender body profile. They have wedge-shaped heads and slightly flared ears. 

The Abyssinian cat breed is much older than many other cat breeds. Images in ancient Egypt show cats with a very similar appearance, right down to the ticked appearance of their coats. The first Abyssinians to arrive in England came from Ethiopia in the eighteen hundreds. 

Abyssinian cat breeders won't dispute that this cat breed is very curious. The Abys want to know everything about what's going on around them. Pet owners must be prepared to be outsmarted by their clever Abys. 

It is no surprise that such a curious breed is also extremely active. While they will spend some loving time in the lap, do not consider them a lap cat. Put up your breakables, and rethink your decorating. It may be time to add some cat furniture decor for climbing.

Owners spend a lot of time playing with their feline squirrels. They grow accustomed to seeing their Aby traverse door frames and jump six feet in the air. If you don't provide playthings, your cat will use your belongings to create his own toys. 

Abyssinians will scale any barrier in their quest to explore their surroundings, from curtains to fences. Abyssinian cat breeders way up high

If you allow your cat to spend time outdoors, keep a close eye on him, as he will most likely be a bit of an escape artist.

This breed's personality means that it needs a lot of attention and affection from its owner. An Abyssinian is the wrong choice for anyone who spends a lot of time away from home. If you aren't home a lot, you may want to consider adding another Abyssinian to the household, as this breed does enjoy playing and interacting with other cats.

Abyssinians are so intelligent that they can easily learn a few simple commands. Don't be surprised if your cat learns to come when you call him and picks up some tricks like fetching a toy.

As a breed, Abyssinians are very healthy. Although most Abyssinians aren't chow hounds like some other cat breeds, you want to be sure your cat doesn't overeat.They can be prone to kidney problems (feline renal amyloidosis), become anemic, have a tendency to develop gingivitis, and develop a degenerative eye disorder (progressive retinal atrophy) which can end up in blindness. Talk to your veterinarian about feeding a nutrition program to help fend off theseAbyssinian cat breeders Cinnamon tendencies. 

With its short sleek coat, the Abyssinian needs very little grooming. However, they have been known to love water and have fun in the bath -- with or without their human bather.

Pets from the Abyssinian cat breed won't spend a lot of time in your lap, but they will learn easily from you. It shouldn't be a chore to spend time playing and training this agile descendant of Ethiopian wildcats.





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