A success Story

by Carol Wallace
(Tombstone, Arizona)

I am an Animal Care Technician and I volunteer at a local no-kill animal shelter. I got an emergency call about a tiny kitten that was not doing well, and when the "owner" brought the little bundle to me I thought it was alredy dead when I opened the towel he was in. Skin and bones, eyes glued shut and not responsive. The kitten was relinquished to my authority and I rushed him home thinking there was not much hope here. Not the case! Warmth, some KMR formula and an eye cleaning literally resurrected this kitten from the dead! He thrived on 24 hour TLC and after two weeks we were home free! Well, not really - severe diahrea, vomiting, lethargy on a repeat basis, a huge vet bill for blood tests only to discover he had a recurring case of coccidia - easily remedied with sulfa drugs.

Rowdy is a healthy Lynxpoint Siamese cat now and rewards us daily with his unsual personality. He also blends in beautifully with the others (Boo - black domestic shorthair female, Snowflake, white medium length fur with big blue eyes, Kimmie, dilute grey tabby female, and the newest rescue, Mei Ling, a 6-week Singapura female with a deformed rear leg). It is dangerous fostering kittens, let me tell you, but some are very special and never leave.
Rowdy is my most challenging and at the same time rewarding kitty.

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