A Long Drive to Bring Home My Baby

by Leisa
(West Warren, MA, USA)

My baby Mittens at about 8 weeks

My baby Mittens at about 8 weeks

We had been living in our house for over a year and I had wanted to get a cat. Finally, I talked my husband into getting one. We were going to get one from a co-worker, but I saw an ad in the local paper for free kittens and decided to give them a call. After work, I came home, spoke to the owners, got directions and was off at about 9:30pm to pick up my cat. They had told me that it wouldn't take too long to get to them and that they'd be up for awhile, so to come on over. I had no idea how long it would take and as I drove forever in the dark, I felt like I was never going to get there. Finally, at about 10-ish, I got to the dirt road out in the middle of nowhere that they told me about and pulled up their steep driveway. I walked in to meeting one of the nicest couples I've ever met and a house full of kittens. Apparently they own an old barn where many cats give birth every once in a while, so they are constantly taking in kittens. Some they keep, but most they give away. I immediately fell in love with a tiny, all black female kitten with double paws. I knew right away that she was the one I wanted to take home. I scooped her up and they told me that her and her brothers were trapped inside of the barn wall for a couple days and they had to break into the wall to get them out. Luckily, they were all ok. After thanking the couple I got in my car and took my baby home. She hasn't left my side since and she even sleeps under the covers with me! Her nightly ritual, after everyone in the house is settled, is to jump up near my head and paw at my forehead. If I don't respond, her claws come out and she presses a little harder. I then lift up the blanket and she walks right in and settles down as close to me as possible. She's the sweetest and most affectionate cat (at least to me-what she does to the others in my family, varies).

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