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The FeLines, Issue #003 -- "Cat Ear Care - The Key To Saving Your Cat's Complex Ears and Hearing "
January 08, 2008
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Cat Ear Care - The Key To Saving Your Cat's Complex Ears and Hearing

The feline ears are amazingly acute organs and much more effective than our human ears.  Their ears are  ultra-sensitive and can capture frequencies as high as 60 kilohertz.  By comparison, the upper end of the human a hearing range is between 16 and 20 kilohertz.  No wonder your cat can hear a mouse in a wall.  Can you imagine what the television or radio does to their hearing?

Aside from the loud noises humans impose on cat ears, there are other conditions, inherited or acquired, that can damage your cat's ears and hearing.   In most cases you can tell if your feline needs special cat ear care.  The sooner you recognize and get treatment for the cat the greater the chances are of salvaging his hearing. 

A cat's ears, are made up of three structural areas:  the outer, middle and inner ear.

  • The outer ear consists of the external earflap(the pinna) and the ear canal.  The ear canal is a narrow tube passageway through which sound vibrations enter the ear from the outside.

  • The middle ear contains the eardrum, a taut membrane that vibrates in correspondence to the incoming sound waves.  The auditory ossicles are small bones that transmit the eardrum vibrations to the inner ear.

  • The inner ear, located deeper within the skull, contains the cochlea.  This is snail-shaped structure containing sensing devices that receive the vibrations.  The cochlea then converts the vibrations into nerve signals that are passed along to the brain.  This is hearing!  The inner ear also plays a big roll in regulating your cat's equilibrium. 

Understand some of the common inherited and acquired problems that can happen with your cat's ears by reading the Coolest Cat Care's Cat Ear Care column.  

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